Galactic Crusader

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“Continues are offered, with which the player can choose to persist in the monotonous oddity of Galactic Crusader, in which there is no victory or grand grueling quest to pursue. ”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

Ah, Galactic Crusader. It is worth firing up once in order to experience its innocence, its naive attempt at attaining shoot-’em-up quality. On its own merits, it is a very basic, simplistic, limited, shallow, poor game of low production value. Usually I primarily rate a game based on its gameplay quality, often simply measured as how much it can be enjoyed. Yet, for titles like Galactic Crusader, it is also worthwhile to take into account other titles from the genre; in the case of the venerated shoot-’em-up (or simply “shmup”) line of games, when compared to such classics as Gradius, Galactic Crusader simply sucks. It does not even have the learning curve of Silver Surfer.

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