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“Gyromite is a straight-up weird little game.”
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This is one of the original NES launch titles and, as long-time visitors know, I tend to view them in a more negative tone than most; Gyromite is no exception, as this is a game I do not like.

However, it is very unique, and the quirky gameplay might be the right flavor for certain retro gamers out there. The side-scrolling platformer/puzzle genre is perhaps an underrepresented one, and as mentioned in the full review, Gyromite may not be as good as Solomon’s Key, but it surely has to beat something like Castlequest.

The column-manipulation gameplay is an interesting gimmick, and places a heavy emphasize on timing, as much of the game is spent waiting for certain on-screen positions to occur. This has never been one of my favorite modes for play to take place in, but to each their own. Gyromite served its purpose as diversifying the initial launch title line-up, and being one of the two R.O.B. games, and is probably better than the other, Stack-Up. An interesting experience.

NES Gameplay Tips for Gyromite: The first action you need to take is to accept and embrace the pacing of the game; abiding by a time limit, but not being able to blaze through every level.

Once you master the use of two controllers to maneuver the professor and manipulate the columns, the only other tip needed is, in Game A, to always keep a turnip in hand. For a high-score run, you will need to squish every Smick; for a speed run, however, just move to each dynamite bundle and turnip-distract any Smicks along the way.

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  1. I’m just glad Nestopia lets me pretend that I have R.O.B. plugged in. The game isn’t terrible, but it’s not really something I’d want to play either.

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