Last Action Hero

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“The beat-’em-up gameplay mechanic is even more monotonous than the usual genre strictures, the lack of reward for dispatching of enemies really breaks the entire motivation for combat, and it may be the worst of the handful of Schwarzenegger-movie NES license games…”
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Let me save you the trouble of beating it: The ending.



It may seem like a tired phrase by now, but the unavoidable fact is that “bad license game” just seemed to be a rather popular genre on the good ol’ NES. Sure, there are exceptions, even from notorious developers like LJN, but publishers simply did not have any incentive to spend more time on the titles than they had to, resulting in some rushed, horrid carts. Last Action Hero is yet another example in the parade of boring, bland, meh, uninspired, side-scrolling beat-’em-up license games for the otherwise beloved 8-bit console. The only contributions this one had were the interested film reel-themed still frames between levels, as shown in the example of the ending screen above; and the half-hearted attempt at providing a small variety of fighting moves by way of enabling a separate attack with Up+A. Otherwise, this selection is completely unexceptional.

NES Gameplay Tips for Last Action Hero: There is absolutely no reward for beating an enemy (not points, not dropped items, etc.), so it is best to simply avoid them whenever possible. Otherwise, the best move against them, and especially the bosses, is to crouch and repeatedly punch as they run into your fists. The first level is actually among the more difficult, so do not let initial frustration deter you in your determination to defeat the game, as this is not exactly a game known for being among the most challenging on the NES. Besides, you always have continues.

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