The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

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“One notable highlight of the gameplay are the physics: The way the rock weapon bounces a few times down inclines, or the brief time it takes to stop when running, even if some players would prefer a lack of inertia altogether. ”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, as an 8-bit video game, is a great example of how even the workhouse development houses like Jaleco had, by around 1992, pretty much mastered the formula of how to make a decent NES game, and one that would have dropped jaws four or five years prior.

As it stands, this is a nice platformer with a few quirks to it, and good for a playthrough or two. One highlight not mentioned in the full review: The second cutscene, where Indy fans will recognize the insertion of his catchphrase, “… it belongs in a museum!”

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