Double Dribble

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“Could such an early-release title for the young system’s cycle actually live up to its arcade-cabinet origins? ”
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Double Dribble (NES)

Gameplay shot. Ho hum.



Level 1 victory + Very short shorts.


There are several other basketball games on the NES and, in my humble opinion, Double Dribble stands somewhere in the middle; or, to be generous, nearly the best but definitely not the best. The actual gameplay is not as broken as some (hello there, Magic Johnson’s Fast Break), but it also lacks any distinctive gimmick to provide a unique fun factor (‘sup Arch Rivals). Overall, Double Dribble is a competent, if not spectacular, basketball sim. Have fun being the Chicago Generic Team and doing little else but stealing and dunking.

Gameplay Tips for Double Dribble (NES): Seriously, just steal and dunk. On defense, switch to someone between the ball-handler and the rim, meet the ball-handler, steal the ball. Pass up court until you can throw down a jam. Lather, rinse, repeat. That really is the best strategy. Remember, the computer almost always hits their jump shots. It is ridiculous. Also, you can miss a dunk occasionally, so be ready to grab the rebound and try again. Perhaps the funniest, most memorable parts of the game is when you miss two or three in a row in hilarious fashion.

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  3. When it comes to Double Dribble, don’t ever do it on the hardest difficulty. If you do, you can’t even pass the ball inbounds without it being stolen every 2 seconds by the CPU. You can’t even push the ball up the floor 85% of the time without the CPU stealing it on Level 3 difficulty. It’s crazy ridiculous. If you want a true NES basketball masterpiece pick up a copy of “Tecmo NBA Basketball”. That game had all the NBA Teams and players like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Moses Malone etc. Not only that, but you could actually go through an 82 game season and it would save your progress and the league leaders in scoring, rebounding, etc. That game was LIGHT YEARS ahead of its time.

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