Galaxy 5000

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“Between the unique control options, monetary considerations, jumping, weapon usage, and the overall science-fiction mood of Galaxy 5000, this is quite the one-of-a-kind experience on the NES.”
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And they're off!

The race begins!


One giant leap for mankind!

A risky jump on the Venus track!

Wow, a close one!

A photo finish -- I won?! HAHA!!

This is one of those slightly more obscure games where, if you had it as a child, you fondly remember it. “Oh yeah, Galaxy 5000! Dude, I used to love that game, I forgot what it was called… that’s the one in space, right, where you can jump the track and shoot people?”

While “shooting people” ultimately actually becomes a more minor part of the game unless your craft outclasses theirs, this is definitely a unique, distinctive NES experience, even especially as a racer. I am fond of this game, though I can imagine genre purists finding distaste with it. It is very gimmicky, almost too much so, and you can either view the control scheme (both?) as either a fun quirk you do not get to experience elsewhere or an annoyance you have to deal with.

I am a fairly positive guy, so maybe I am just being optimistic, but I see all of this game’s features as just one big pile of fun.

NES Gameplay Tips For Galaxy 5000: Figure out which control scheme you like (I’m an Alpha male) and stick with it. If you’re in 1st place, stop taking risks and just keep a steady efficiency. When jumping, press the A button repeatedly — the vehicles sometimes get “hung up” on course obstacles, requiring you to jump again to get out, but this can be avoided if you steadily press the A button throughout your trajectory. Otherwise, since the tracks remain the same for each planet even through their four iterations, this is truly a game where practice makes perfect and you just need to master the course lay-out.

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