Harlem Globetrotters

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“It is the Globetrotter tricks that keep this game from merely being “meh,” and what provide its creativity, even if drawn directly from real life. ”
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Frequent Flyer Miles

Dunking from the three-point line!

I love the Harlem Globetrotters in real life. I have seen them twice, once as a kid, another time as an adult, and would recommend them as an entertainment option, especially for basketball fans. The NES video game version, though, is not quite so cut-and-dry simple in its enjoyment. I like it, sure, but it definitely has its flaws. The programmers seemed unsure of how to animate a sports simulation; and, while some classic Globetrotter tricks are intact, the challenge level is weak, lending minimal replay value. Oh well.

Also, I played a quick game and made a Let’s Play video for ya:

NES Gameplay Tips for Harlem Globetrotters: I actually have two legitimate tips for this one.

1) To steal the ball, remember that you cannot steal when standing directly in front of the ball-handler — you must steal from behind or come up from the side. If coming from behind, you run at the same speed, so follow close and keep jamming that A button; the moment the ball-handler stops, you should suddenly steal the ball when you catch up. Once you get the hand of the rhythm, you will be stealing the ball on nearly most opposing possessions.

2) If you jump up for a jump shot, hold the B button down until you are very nearly on the floor before actually releasing the ball. Not only does Harlem Globetrotters not seem to incur a shot-percentage decrease for jump height, but the defender will never be able to block the ball if released from a low height. That’s right: If you shoot from the apex of the jump, you will get blocked if there is a defender jumping too, but there is a point where if you wait long enough, the ball will not be blocked.

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