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“The player can even continue such a streak via a password unlocked with each victory, a worthy addition for a basketball game on the NES. “
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Game on! Note the short, chubby guy...

One minor detail I fail to mention in the full review text is how the shoot-out is done for initial possession, with a somewhat rapidly oscillating arrow going back and forth at different angles to and from the rim, with the player attempting to hit the B button when it is over the rim to make the shot.

I like Hoops. It is a breezy game, good for a quick bout with a friend, and streetballish enough for a real basketball fan to enjoy, without being as meaty as Tecmo NBA Basketball. There’s fun in trying to win a tournament with two short-and-quick long-range shooters, like Bomber and Zap; or fielding two towers, like the Doc and Face. A combo, of course, will usually yield the greatest advantage.

NES Gameplay Tips for Hoops: Remember that you can only steal the ball when facing the ball-handler head-on. Sometimes, just being between the ball-handler and the rim is enough to block their dunk attempt. Do not try to drive into the lane from the perimeter, as 90% of the time the ball will get stolen along the way. Instead, use a pass or two: Either from the inside out for a hopefully open jumper, or from the outside in for a drive and jam. Consistent adherence to these strategies should ensure victories. Take note, though, of the opponent’s strengths and react accordingly; for example, if they have two fast guys, it is going to be extra important to give them space on the perimeter so you can stay in front of them and not let them fly by you to the rim. You know, just like in a real playground pick-up game.

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