Magic Johnson’s Fast Break

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“Magic Johnson’s Fast Break was an abomination of a basketball video game produced in 1990 by Software Creations, aka Mastertronics, aka There’s A Reason You’ve Never Heard Of Us, and published by Tradewest, who was better known for being involved in the release of better NES titles, such as, say, Double Dragon or Battletoads. ”
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On my bomb-making skills.


You can smell the bad.


Please read the full review for this one, as I actually bothered to include some jokes! :p

But seriously: The unfortunate irony of this video game is in its title. Magic Johnson is not a playable character, just a constant source of annoying interruption; and despite the term “Fast Break” being used, due to the astonishing ease of stealing (by human or computer), there are very few actually legitimate in-game fast breaks.

This is, in my humble opinion, the worst of the NES NBA basketball games. Most of them have some sort of gimmick to provide some distinctive source of fun (Arch Rivals had the rampant player-punching, Double Dribble introduced the cutscene dunks), or at least hone their gameplay to a high level (Ultimate Basketball, Tecmo NBA Basketball), but Magic Johnson’s Fast Break is poorly paced, poorly played, and poorly presented.

Oh, and the game is sponsored by Pepsi. Nice.

NES Gameplay Tips for Magic Johnson’s Fast Break: There are no possible gameplay tips for a game so chaotic and ridiculous.

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