Roundball 2-On-2 Challenge

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“This game has a lot of options.”
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Well it sure has quite an options screen.


Note the 3 sprites in identical stances. Bad sign.


I understand what the development staff was trying to do with this one: Create a half-court basketball sim video game that tried to convey the streetball or pick-up scene more than the professional or NBA scene, complete with take-backs, two-on-two action, ballers to choose from, and stripped-down rules. The execution is just so lacking, though. The gameplay feels unfinished. One prominent example: Play the computer, and try to defend against a dunk. The opposing player just moves right through your guy, like he is barely there. Your best hope is to pick someone with a good stealing ability, yet getting too aggressive with steal attempts draws a foul. In fact, it seems like the programmers realized this discrepancy, so they give the player three different options as to how easy it is to steal the ball. This should be a big red flag to anyone wondering if the gameplay is balanced and fun, since that particule setting stands out compared to the usual others (control scheme, period length, one or two people per team, etc.). Maybe it’s because I myself greatly enjoyed the streetball scene for years and still love pick-up ball, but Roundball just doesn’t do it for me.

NES Gameplay Tips for Roundball 2-On-2 Challenge: Go play a different basketball video game on the NES, as long as it isn’t Magic Johnson’s Fast Break.

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