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“Starring a mythical hero seeking to restore peace to his land by vanquishing countless gruesome creatures and utilizing legendary artifacts, was Rygar a bloated mess or a truly epic quest?”
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Thanks, War God!

Overworld travels in Garloz


Here be monsters!

Annoying flying fish-lizard beasts.


I would pay to see Rygar and Karnov get in a good ol’-fashioned bar brawl.

Otherwise, Rygar is a solid game. True NES fans should put it on their shelf to conquer someday if they have not already, as this is a fairly beefy challenge. You can say the same of the Mega Man titles, for example, but at least they have a password feature. Even without the passcodes, though, Rygar is a lot of fun.

Rygar shares an odd thing in common with Dick Tracy for me: Both were poor choices I made when I, as a kid, visited a friend’s house (different kid in each case) and had the option to play one of their NES games. Each (one was a distant cousin, the other a grade school classmate) was nice enough to let me choose one of their cartridges to try out, since everyone loved the NES back then and I had a machine of my own. But, of course, being the weird kid I was, on one occasion I chose Rygar and the other I picked Dick Tracy. In case you do not realize it: These are terrible, awful choices for which NES game to play at a guest’s house when given the choice among their whole library.

I mentioned some similarities to Blaster Master and Ironsword (somewhat obvious, those two) in the full review, but Rygar also has some commonalities with Legend of Zelda, in terms of its shifting viewpoint for play and the use of a music instrument to find a previously hidden level.

Now for a Second Opinion from Rudy Ferretti, his thoughts:

Rygar- The game is based on a Warrior set for a quest to defeat 7 Gods in which 5 award you needed equipment to complete your quest to LIGAR. I have noticed in this game it takes a combination of skill, finger dexterity and mapping things out. The game was VERY poorly made but one of the very best games ever made for it’s replay value, this game had major lag issues, floating doors and passages that lead to nowhere, other than instant death, and in some cases having no choice to start over from getting stuck in some areas….. The game had great graphics and some amazing music, a warrior armed with diskarmor that could be powered up, timing jumps, grappling hooks and soaring your way through adventure with crossbows and wind pully’s, unique bosses and sub enemies Graphics 4 out of 5 sound 5 out 5 Game play3 out of 5 only due to glitches that make and break your run overall 4 out of a 5. One life and a one player game.

Check out Ferretti’s YouTube channel.

NES Gameplay Tips for Rygar: You are going to be tempted to treat this as a fast-paced, slick-moving platformer title, but don’t: Instead, learn the enemy patterns and strike with patience. Be very careful on ledges, as the quirky control scheme of this game (down and B lowering on a rope once you have the grappling hook rather than crouching and attacking, for example) can get you killed. Also, when traveling in Garloz, stay away from the water — accidentally stepping or jumping into it is an instant kill and, thus, an instant Game Over. Sure, feel free to continue, but do so with your head hung in shame.

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