Sunday Funday

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“Now Fish Fall is interesting.”
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Fish Fall! Puzzle game! Best part of the cart!


This is so weird on so many levels.

Sarcasm: This looks like fun!




What a story.

You have a Christian gaming company seeking to spread its Gospel message through its game, some more explicitly than others, and for Sunday Funday have chosen to simply rework a five-year-old title called Menace Beach. You have a sing-along song to a contemporary Christian track that, even at a time, would have been considered lame and silly, even by Christian music fans. You have giant old-woman enemies that kill you, ninjas that have been demoted to bullies, and not an actual Sunday School teacher, but cutscenes of what you think the Sunday School teacher would be saying to you.

I think the most interesting point to gleam from Sunday Funday, though, is this: While it is definitely a clone of Menace Beach, I had not realized how many differences were thrown in. Not just the girlfriend/Sunday School teacher thing, but enemies, protagonist animation, items, damage indication, the bird (?!) that flies up from defeated foes, the ending, even the level design at the end of the game. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still 98% the same thing, but interesting to note just how many little differences they did bother with.

And then there’s Fish Fall!

Dude, Fish Fall is nearly a legitimate puzzle game, and on its own merit makes Sunday Funday easily better than Menace Beach.

NES Gameplay Tips for Sunday Funday: If you want gameplay tips for Sunday Funday, go read the previous review’s gameplay tips for Menace Beach. If you want gameplay tips for Fish Fall, well, e-mail me at because I honestly don’t believe anyone ever would and I want to hear from you personally. Then we can swap our super-secret Fish Fall tips for world record high scores.

And if you want gameplay tips for The Ride, go play Rock Band or something, I don’t know.

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