Tecmo NBA Basketball

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“For retro pro basketball fans, this is also a chance to play with such former greats as Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Moses Malone, Reggie Miller, and many others, some of whom were in their prime, others of which were in the twilight of their professional careers.”
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Stats Time!

Mmmmm, stats!



The Pacers before they were worthless thugs.


Chuck Person bricks a three!

The golden standard, and a fitting conclusion to Basketball Week.

If you have followed my site long enough, you know that I genuinely do strive for fair, quantitative, well-explained, accurate, contextual, thorough reviews. However, I am also not afraid to let my opinion shine; in other words, I will not give a good score to a game I do not enjoy, even if it is a very popular classic; on the other hand, sometimes I award high scores to titles I genuinely, really, honestly believe are great games, but I understand they are probably more of a niche appeal.

This is one of those instances. Unless you are a fan of the NES sports genre beyond Tecmo Bowl, and unless you are a fan of early 1990’s basketball, I can certainly understand you distancing yourself from what probably just looks like a standard ball-game sim.

But, man… for those of us that grew up watching the NBA, playing in the streets, and dreaming about these players — there are few greater thrills to be found on the NES console than to glide in for a dunk as Clyde Drexler or rack up the swats with Hakeen Olajuwon. Even the lesser starters, a few bench guys, men who have faded into obscurity; for some of us, names like Detlef Shrempf and Rolando Blackman fill us with nostalgia. The fact that Tecmo took such care of their responsibility to craft the NBA license into a well-playable video game is to be appreciated and commended.

NES Gameplay Tips For Tecmo NBA Basketball: Really, this is a good enough NBA basketball simulation, even in 8 bits, that you can apply real-life coaching strategies to the game. There are no tricks, gimmicks, or shortcuts. Have a few good three-point shooters? Spread the defenders, shoot a lot of jumpers. Have a couple fast-moving slashers? Feed them quick, take advantage of fast breaks, drive into the lane. On defense? Stay between the ball-handler and the rim, contest shots, stick to your man. Seriously: The same tips that can be given to basketball in general apply to this game, with the bonus of applying them to some of the greatest teams and players of all time.

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