Ultimate Basketball

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“Ultimate Basketball on the NES is a story of unmet potential in the face of sharply honed video game development.”
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I actually missed, but it looks sweet.

Opposing Inbound

I actually like the striped court.


Ultimate Basketball is such a unique game, even with the niche genre of NES basketball games. With the faux-NBA league going on, the great player substitution system, the incredible full-screen animated dunk cutscenes, the sharp animation, etc., it really had potential. Unfortunately, the unrelenting, swarming, full-court, never-leave-you-alone defense of the computer is outright exhausting, and gets frustrating. I honestly think restricting the computer to just a half-court press would upgrade this game’s score a half-star or even a full.

NES Gameplay Tips For Ultimate Basketball: Oh boy.

1) Stick with your man on defense. Remember how steals work in this game, think of it this way: You are rewarded with close defense by getting a steal after a couple seconds. If not a steal, it at least forces a pass.

2) On offense, your best hope is to use the fasted guys on your team. Sufficiently fast players can actually outrun slower opposing players/teams in downright dominant fashion at times. If you can get the inbound pass to a fast guy, your off to a promising start on your play.

3) On defense, never bother jumping. It does not seem to affect opposing dunks, which they go for often, and does not seem to help grabbing rebounds.

4) Use your substitutions well! Putting in fresh, fast guys can turn around an entire game. Good luck.

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