Ghostbusters II

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“A licensed video game on the most popular console naturally had to follow, and Activision delivered with the Ghostbusters title on the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1988.

But it sucked.

It was truly dreadful, for many reasons, and for those who loved both the Ghostbusters and the NES machine, it was an outright heart-breaking tragedy. A couple years later, Activision would publish another Ghostbusters cartridge, this time with development work done by Imagineering, Inc. As the first video game was based on the first movie, the second video game would be based on the second film. Would it be superior?”
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Cruisin' Central Park.

I love the Ghostbusters, as explained in a prior article I wrote, Retro Gaming Reflections: Ghostbusters (NES), as well as my review for that game. This video game does not quite break my heart as much as the first did, but it still makes my heartface frown to see a license with such potential get used in such ill manner.

This is one of those video games that is average not because all of its elements are done with average quality, but because it presents highs and lows to the point that it averages out when taken altogether. For example, in my opinion, the 8-bit graphics of this game are actually pretty good, and I truly think the slime-blaster aiming mechanism is not terrible, even if not necessarily superior to the norm. But the difficulty curve that relies on repetition is tedious and bothersome and the whole thing has a “meh” factor (the side-scrolling stages, on foot, have no platforms — just a bland, walk-straight-ahead, boring feel to them).

Read the full review for two very specific examples of unfair death-trap portions, a little deadpan humor, and comprehensive coverage otherwise.

NES Gameplay Tips for Ghostbusters II: Honestly, the game is not horribly difficult, it just relies on memorizing where certain road barriers appear in which order, and how to tackle certain ghosts in the footpath stages. Otherwise, use the trap liberally in the on-foot levels, go for the movie logos with gusto, and good luck.

I AM VIGO!!!!!!!!!

Sweet cutscenes.

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  1. Wow. I have to admit. That’s a sweet 8-bit depiction of Vigo.

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