Godzilla: Monster of Monsters!

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“Godzilla can move two spots per turn, whereas Mothra can move four.”
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Very cool, in a retro B-movie way.

The Angry Video Game Nerd did a great job of covering this video game in his Godzilla episode, just so you know.

That being said, this is a cartridge that I inherited from a friend of mine who I grew up with, and this was definitely among our least-played games. Yeah, we always knew he had it, and it was available, but be honest: Who wants to play Godzilla? Once you have tried it once, then given it a serious attempt or two (with handwritten passwords on loose-leaf paper and everything), the replay value is near nil.

But there is one thing I love: The rebellious nature of the programmers who decided they did not care one little bit about the limitations of the NES hardware and, on some screens, absolutely go for broke when it comes to the amount of sprites flying around. I mean, seriously, the slowdown and flickering get so ridiculous it is actually awesome. Try it: Control Mothra, and even on one of the first planetary grid stages, wait until a moment when there are two or three health capsules floating across the screen, two multi-barelled guns firing three rounds apiece, two or three alien craft overhead — then launch your full salvo of poison slivers. It is like going into a video game coma.

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Breath looks much better in live gameplay.

NES Gameplay Tips for Godzilla: Even as soon in the game as the last few grid sectors on the first planet board, it becomes obvious that survival is dependent on strategically finding the ideal ratio of enemy-killing, damage avoidance, and gathering healing capsules. On some levels, the sheer amount of enemies and projectiles attacking all at once can be overwhelming, especially considering that both Godzilla and Mothra suffer knockback when taking damage. Getting to later levels is going to be completely dependent on successfully juggling dodging, attacking, pattern recognition, and item-grabbing skills. Do not make the mistake of believing that this is a game that you can just blindly hack and smash through. On the contrary: Although the slowly receding health bar can lull you into a false sense of invincible security, there is a need for constant focus and health management techniques.

Admit it: The Mothra sprite looks AMAZING.


I actually made a video just to show how obnoxiously slow the text scrolls across the screen in the opening. Check it out:


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  1. I remember thinking that this game was awesome when I was five, even though I couldn’t play it worth a darn. I had a huge Godzilla crush then and absolutely overlooked anything negative. It was definitely average, though.

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