Krazy Kreatures

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“The video game Krazy Kreatures was released in 1990 for the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) home console by developer America Video Entertainment, maker of such other 8-bit cartridges as Puzzle, Deathbots, Solitaire, and Wall Bear and the NO! Gang. Would Krazy Kreatures live up to the standards that the rest of their library set? ”
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This is level 5. I think.

As perhaps to be expected, Krazy Kreatures is one weird little game. Under a rose-colored lens, one can find a quirky, unique puzzler, with an interesting high-score mechanic at work and even a beginning-to-end playthrough. However, as with other AVE titles, it really just seems like the minimal effort was put into this. Some flashier clear animations, better menu screens, actual background music and a couple other touches could have made this a decent, even solid, NES video game. But, as it is, Krazy Kreatures feels more like a Windows 95 shareware game that would be put onto a CD with 299 others. Nonetheless, I would actually recommend checking this out if you’re a fan of the puzzle genre. Otherwise, steer clear, as you really are not missing anything.

NES Gameplay Tips for Krazy Kreatures: Never forget the double-tap move with A to clear pre-existing shape sets. Do not waste any time; the first moment you can, start moving shapes. For the highest scores, ensure that your clears involve both more than the minimal number of shapes to clear and also involve intersecting rows and columns. Remember that the question marks immediately clear all touching shapes around them the moment you place them, no matter what.

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