Mario’s Time Machine

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“Also, seemingly just for kicks, Bowser kidnapped Yoshi and he must be rescued as well. “
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Say whaaa?

Mario + Einstein = Mindblown


Some points:

1) The name of the game is Mario’s Time Machine, but the time machines depicted in the game somewhat clearly belong to Bowser, and are definitely explained in the instructional manual as such.

2) I fully admit and confess: I got a question wrong at the final history test. I really did not know which branch of mathematics Isaac Newton invented. A good question, I guess.

3) Seriously, why is Yoshi kidnapped? It is totally unnecessary. The plot of the game involves Mario saving the timeline by putting the historical items that Bowser stole back into their proper positions in history before confronting Bowser directly. Why does Yoshi need to be kidnapped? What, really, does that add?

4) I do appreciate the subtle touches throughout the game to other Mario series titles: The Mario Bros. game before each historical area, the 16-bit-version Mario sprite from Super Mario World, the checkered floor (as seen in the screenshot) from the Super Mario Bros. 3 title screen, etc.

Read The Full Review For: Some people say that I am harsh on educational/children’s games, and say that they should be judged within the context of being enjoyed by a child – in this review, I explain why that is a dumb opinion.

NES Gameplay Tips for Mario’s Time Machine: Does a game where you cannot die really need gameplay tips?


The Mario Bros. homage.

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