Pesterminator – The Western Exterminator

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“The Start button pauses, while the Select button brings up a handy screen that displays the current score and how many lesser beings are left to be slaughtered in the current area.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

5000 points! Yay?

The first Color Dreams NES games came out in 1989, while this one arrived in 1990. What did Color Dreams learn in a year of experience? Well, I will give them this: The hit detection is a little better in this title than in some of their other selections.

The title is this game is so peculiar if you do not realize that it is based on the Western Exterminator Company. Otherwise, it just sounds like this particular exterminator happens to be from the West, or is trying to star in a Western, or some weird explanation like that.

So does this count as a license game?

I am not sure how much better this video game would be if it had passwords and a time limit. Or, y’know, supercharged ultrapowered mallet upgrades.

One weird item of potential interest that I fail to mention in the full review (there is always something; then again, if I absolutely tried to always cover every single tiny little thing, every review would be 5,000+ words, and I am the only one who would think that would be awesome) is that this game is oddly forgiving of enemy contact. You can touch a mouse a few times, get buzzed and knocked back, but not suffer any damage, if you do it “correctly.”


But this game is best avoided, except as a quirky exhibit, for a completionists’ sake, or for someone’s twisted idea of an obscure high score run.

Oh, and the mice run away from you, to the end of the screen where you cannot reach. If you walk away, they slowly, timidly return. It is actually… a little creepy.

Read The Full Review For: A description of the most annoying thing about this game, along with an aggravating enemy behavior, and an overall portrait as to why this just cannot rise to a decent level. Oh, and the sound. The awful sound.

NES Gameplay Tips for Pesterminator – The Western Exterminator: The gameplay is fairly simple, so it just requires being observed, then being taken advantage of, like a swindler spotting the biggest fool in the crowd, or some other slightly misguided analogy like that. My biggest piece of advice would be to throw out your usual instincts for a platformer and play this at a slower, more careful pace. Really, if you take your time and line up your attacks well, you got it. This is an 8-bit NES video game that demands patience, precision, and proper pacing, rather than power, P-wings, and peepee. What am I saying?!

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