The Addams Family

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“This, naturally, raises the question of how they could get evicted when they have hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of loot literally just lying around everywhere.”

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Okay, really, in all honesty, this is probably more like a two-star game. The production values are not horrible, though the jumping is a bit glitchy (for one, there is a weird press-A-just-before-landing useless double-jump, and odd places where you can jump through walls when not always supposed to) and the sound effects could stand improvement.

But if you consider my rating a little harsh, know this: I am intentionally penalizing The Addams Family on NES for being one of those stupid slow-paced, tedious, needlessly repetitive, unintuitive, no-mapped, item-finding “games.” I hate these. Of all the genres in the 8-bit dimension, I would much rather play a platformer, a sports title, an RPG, a puzzle game, whatever – but keep these item-finding quests far, far away from me. I do not enjoy them. And neither should you; I can, perhaps, understand how someone can want to conquer it once (very possible, with a walkthrough and the infinite lives code), but if this is someone’s favorite game, you can confidently label that person as certifiably irrational.

Read The Full Review For: Two specific examples of unenjoyably poor game design, my attempt at describing in more detail why this game is bad, and usage of words like “Speccy,” “kinky,” and “Ptooey.”

NES Gameplay Tips for The Addams Family: Unfortunately, this game happens to be yet another (I seem to be on a bad streak lately) where sheer repetition will benefit the player more than any actual skill. But I do recommend the infinite lives code, accessed by hitting ABBALRLR at the title screen until a convenient C shows up in the corner.



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