Trolls On Treasure Island


The overworld map screen! Hurray!

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“Capcom could be seen publishing Disney games, Konami marketed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartridges, and even LJN pushed titles based on cutting-edge (that’s a pun) horror films such as Friday the 13th and A Nightmare On Elm Street. It seemed like license games were the path to profit; so, what license did developer American Video Entertainment seek?

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Parlor Game, huh?

Ugh. I really do not want to write about this game. When I realized that I wanted to do a Scary Games theme for October, due to Halloween and all that, I quickly had several of the games in mind — and then, somehow, this one, as though it were calling to me in my nightmares. Giggling in the corner of a dark room. Smiling above the ceiling. Friggin’ trolls.

Okay, I’ll give it this: It’s worth trying if you’re a hardcore puzzle-game fan. It is definitely a distinctive experience. I think it lacks depth, is not a well-polished product, has some mechanical flaws, and ultimately is unappealing in its presentation, but give it a shot if you seek a unique puzzler.

But I think it’s a bad video game.


My try with the level editor.

Oh, and does it have anything to do with the literary classic by the name of Treasure Island? No, no it does not. Then again, I found that to be boring as well. Seriously, the first third of the book is exposition. It is not well-written.


NES Gameplay Tips for Trolls On Treasure Island: Search sand carefully, make the friction boots your highest priority on ice levels, and tickle that troll until her tear-streaming face begs you to stop.

This is video game vomit. Ugh.

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