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“To summarize, the Street Challenge consists of five events: 400 Meter Hurdles, Hammer Throw, Swimming (humorously referred to in the instruction booklet as Water Slaughter), Roof Top Jumping, and Fighting Scene.”
– excerpt from the full review, which can be read here.

This is one of those slightly more obscure games where, if you had it as a child, you fondly remember it. “Oh yeah, Crash ‘n’ The Boys Street Challenge! Dude, I used to love that game, I forgot what it was called… that’s the one in where you can, like, punch people in the pool, right?”



I enjoy Caveman Games, so some people (ahem) might say I’m a sucker for multi-sport titles. While it is true that I do enjoy them, and consider the button-mashing emphasis of Track & Field to be among its strengths rather than its weaknesses for example (seriously though, it makes the game one of the best pure indicators of a basic gaming skill, how fast one can tap a button), it’s not like I give these games five stars or put them above the best single sports titles (Tecmo NBA Basketball, Tecmo Super Bowl, Super Dodge Ball, NES Open Tournament Golf, etc.).

In fact, when it came to Crash ‘n’ The Boys: Street Challenge, I was conflicted. I have read a review or two that criticize its control scheme(s) and, actually, to an extent, I see their point. It is not intuitive, consistent across all events, or necessarily the best possible.

But, seriously, just play the game. It’s so fun. One mark of a good game is when it makes even the deaths and failures enjoyable, and that is true of Crash Street Challenge: Smacking into the side of a building in the rooftop hop is hilarious, and getting some of the special moves done against you in the street fight scene is a real spectacle, for two examples.

Basically, the point is this: I considered giving this game three and a half stars, but I must have not been thinking straight. Deep, fun, but not perfect. Recommended.

Read The Full Review For: The two elements that put this above other NES multi-sport titles, an explanation of why recycling something is not always a bad thing, and a shout-out to what I think is one of the most gorgeous sights to be seen on the NES.


Behold teh awesomez.

NES Gameplay Tips For Crash ‘n’ The Boys: Street Challenge – Hey, cool, let’s take this chance to take gameplay tips on an event-by-event basis, shall we? 400 Meter Hurdles: Immediately start the race by hurricane kicking, especially against the computer. Momentum is everything in this event, and the “ahead” person holds the advantage. If you are rolling in from behind, actually let yourself slow down for a moment first, to not be in the range of their hurricane kick. When you bash down a hurdle, grab the chunk, but do not feel like you have to throw it immediately. Set up for a good shot. Hammer Throw: Tap right on the directional pad as the ball hits the ground. This can result in a longer bounce. Seriously, read the instruction manual. Swimming: A fun tactic that annoys the opponent is to repeatedly hop back and forth from lane to lane, disorienting the opposing character and making attack difficult, then being able to ambush them by surprise when they enter a lull. Otherwise, once you attack, keep the pressure on. Remember to go get breaths periodically, but be merciless and relentless in your all-out assault. Roof Top Jumping: Although you will likely figure this out on your own, going too fast (and thus jumping too far with the pole vaults) can actually be to your detriment. Use the bottom-of-the-screen, course-completion gauge as a guide, but much of it as memorization as you figure out which roofs need the pole and which need it ditched for the unicycle instead. Fight Scene: In my hope that this event of this game someday becomes trendy, thanks to the sudden retro gaming scene-wide realization that the tactical depth at work is actually tremendously deep and human-tournament worthy, I refuse to divulge my secrets and will gladly take on all comers.

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  1. Thanks for the plug/jab. I enjoy me some Crash N the Boys. It may be the only multi-sport title I like, thanks to the charm of Technos’ characters and the fact that the controls don’t suck.

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