Win, Lose, Or Draw


That is one ugly title screen.

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“Which brings us to one unique aspect of Win, Lose, Or Draw compared to similar titles such as Pictionary or Anticipation for the NES: In this title, there actually is a player-draw option.”
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Ah, game show NES games! There are many, what with the drawing-based ones and the iterations of Jeopardy and Wheel Of Fortune.

I have a soft spot for these titles, since they are among the few that my wife is willing to play with me, which is fun. But then, too, I like to believe I am more apt to notice their nuanced design flaws. Or maybe these drawbacks are obvious anyway, like the way-too-long animation sequence after every correct card-pair guess in Classic Concentration, as previously mentioned.

Whatever the case may be, I have many of these games to slog through yet, but look forward to it. They are hardly ever anything near a masterpiece, but usually offer a light bit of fun in a session or two.

NES Gameplay Tips For Win, Lose, Or Draw: Remember, this is not a buzzer-based game show where you have to beat your opponent to a chance to an answer; ergo, it is also not like Jeopardy, where you can buzz in immediately and burn your first few seconds on figuring out the question. No, you can allow yourself a little patience here, and figure out the puzzle. Do not be afraid to gander a guess or two, since you get a few


Nailed it.

chances and may need them, considering this title’s penchant for synonymous clues. But to reach your true Win, Lose, Or Draw potential, move your cursor to the center of the letter field right away, in order to feel slightly more efficient (though likely not actually, as wrapping keyboard borders are in play here).

Read The Full Review For: Comparison to other specific drawing-based game show video games, an exploration of the robust-for-its-era options, a couple unique features that keep it a little above similar titles in my humble opinion, one particular example of a puzzle that stumped me, and a general look at why this is a decent time-burning diversion.

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