Dudes With Attitude


The title screen is the best part.

Read the review here.

“The year: 1990. The developer: American Video Entertainment.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

The last 1.5-star review I did was John Elway’s Quarterback and, oddly enough, these words from that blog post apply to Dudes With Attitude as well:

“This game is not worth using a lot of words to try and describe or grant insight into.

In summary: At least it is a step above 10 Yard Fight. But, boy, that sure ain’t sayin’ much.”

Seriously, though, here is your bit of NES trivia: This is the exact same game is Trolls On Treasure Island. Dudes With Attitude was released first, with the later Trolls game taking advantage of the license to use the likeness of those hideous trendy-at-the-time troll dolls.

The game didn’t sit too well with me then, and it doesn’t with me know. Oddly enough, I love puzzle games, and fast-paced ones too. But this feels like some weird, unholy, unfit monstrosity to me. I bet there is a nuanced subset of retro gamers out there who could totally dig this but, to keep it simple: I don’t. This is not the sort of thing I greatly enjoy.

Try it out for yourself, though. It is certainly a distinctive experience.

I even have a Second Opinion commentary, this time from my amazing friend OmegaDef, who had this to say about the game for Review A Bad Game Day:

Okay, so this game is pretty awful. You are a ball with a face. You get to choose a character: Happy, Dude, Foxy, Babe, Patch, and Bozo. Patch has a mustache and eye patch, so he’s easily the best choice. First there’s what appears to be a Pirate map. Next you choose your location. Then you play a pretty stupid puzzle game where you change colors to collect corresponding colored gems while avoiding enemies. It might actually be fun, but the controls respond terribly and were programed by people who obviously didn’t care. I got fairly far, but then the difficulty got to be too much due to poor control. It’s worth noting that there is a level editor, which is pretty cool actually if you don’t mind the fact that no one on earth will ever play your terrible creation. Who are you to play god anyway asshole? This game’s title makes no sense, and my only guess is they were capitalizing off of the popularity of the California Dreams and their kick ass theme song. I’m glad it only cost five dollars. It makes a nice addition to the museum, and I was bored today anyway. It is however not recommended unless you’re me, drunk at four in the morning, and just want to fuck with someone.

Read The Full Review For: A brief look at the history of American Video Entertainment, an attempt to describe the gameplay in words despite it being difficult to describe in words, and use of the phrase “jolly little ditties.”

NES Gameplay Tips For Dudes With Attitude: Practice.


I always choose Foxy, of course.


GAMEPLAY! ... ?!

The "gameplay" looks like this. Kinda.

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