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“Well, this is definitely not the only pool sim on the NES console, but none of the others have a choice for friction or so many weird choices for tables with different positions for the pockets, some of them rather imaginative.”
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There are genres, and there are sub-genres.


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The NES had its fair share of sports games, some of which were outstanding, and others of which were dreadful. You have your multi-sport titles, and even some barroom-type games, like Magic Darts — and Lunar Pool.

These garage/lounge sorts of game-within-a-game fight a strong current to be noticed and, more impossible yet, to be viewed as a great video game. Take Magic Darts as an example: In order to appeal to a potential player, that player must either be A) a fan of darts or B) the type of completionist geek who just likes all the NES games. Certain sports selections, like Tecmo Super Bowl, are just so remarkably good that, on their own gameplay merits, are often considered a tremendous game, even among those who are not necessarily football fans. But for a title like Lunar Pool? It had better have some blow-you-away amazing graphics, sound, and gameplay mechanics to get you hooked.

Unfortunately, it’s just not quite there. The spacey sci-fi shtick is underutilized and underdeveloped, the graphics are not exactly eye-boggling, and the overall experience is lackluster. Is it a bad game? No. But it has both fun points and its faults. This is a decent, average game, an enjoyable diversion for a while, and potentially an amusing match-up for a couple of bored humans.

Read The Full Review For: Totally not-awkward-at-all uses of the word “friction,” an attempt to describe just how much of a wide-open-right-away & case-closed kind of game this is, and a high note found in the low notes.

NES Gameplay Tips for Lunar Pool: Geometry.

Cool pool?

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  1. Yeah…I always enjoyed Lunar Pool….thought I was wierd for it though…..I mean, c’mon who likes Pool on NES?

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