Raid 2020

Sweet uzi.

Epic Title Screen.

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“Production value here is at an embarrassing low, as Raid 2020 barely scrapes together a playable beginning-to-end 8-bit video game.”
– excerpt from the full review, which you can read here.

And this is where Color Dreams’ notoriety truly begins to unravel.

Sure, their later Wisdom Tree efforts could rightly be knocked for their not-entirely-professional feel. Even their best games, like Challenge Of The Dragon, still have some of the same old familiar programming faults (and more of the same awful, unabashed promotion, like on the box where it reads “astonishing sound effects!”). Maybe a certain nuanced mindset could really enjoy Crystal Mines.

But then there is Raid 2020, an abomination.

Pesterminator fans will recognize the jumping mechanics, now forcibly plastered into two and a half dimensions, along with the tinny tone of the background tracks. Others may settle for dropping their jaws at what an unbridled mess this is.

Note crotch-attacking bug.

The opening screen. Of your nightmares.

You have to wonder what goes through a developer’s mind at some parts of the cartridge’s creation, or what went down in those staff meeting. How about the decision made to have both platforming and shooter segments in Raid 2020; was this really an attempt to appeal to gamers through gameplay diversity, rather than choose to focus on one aspect and ensure it emerges decently?

What about those composers (or the one, I am sure)? Here is someone technically skilled enough to work with the NES console’s notoriously demanding, limiting sound channels, and this composer relies on rapid-fire staccato beats at an annoying pitch over more staccato melody for the title screen?

I pity the fool who plays through this game entirely. It is not worth it. But if you dare, take courage, and Godspeed.

Read The Full Review For: Snarky summaries of the differing play modes, the absurd amount of maximum health revealed, snarky insults directed towards its graphics, and a half-apt comparison to a sadly similar title from another developer.

NES Gameplay Tips for Raid 2020: Turn the console off. Toss the cartridge off a cliff.


What a great shoot-'em-up level?

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