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“In 1993, an 8-bit video game cartridge called Alfred Chicken was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) console. It was published by a company called Twilight; which, in retrospect, is not a good sign. The fact that the developer was Mindscape was not the best of signs either.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

To summarize the full review, which goes into much more, better detail about this: Alfred Chicken is among the most purely random NES games ever made.

There are certain atypical categories that, when called upon, I can name some definitive examples. For example: If you were to ask me what the most average NES video game is, I would immediately cite Rolling Thunder, Toxic Crusaders, Battleship, and Rescue: The Embassy Mission. Those are, for me, the first handful that come to mind, and I honestly believe I have valid reasons for each. The same goes for if you ask for broad categories as well; perhaps obviously, I am going to have an opinion on what NES titles are great, which are awful, what are among the best platformers, sports games, etc.

But when it comes to just plain random? Alfred Chicken is my foremost case study.

Jeepers this thing is random. Random random random.

Read The Full Review For: Noting the game that Alfred Chicken is astonishingly similar to, a gradual increase in my vehemence as to how crazy-random this game is, and a final paragraph that details the most enormously awful thing about this game.

NES Gameplay Tips for Alfred Chicken: Repetition rules supreme here, as some of the traps are likely (“likely” is the current word I am overusing, by the way) just going to get you once before you learn them. That being said, just getting a knack for the timing (movement momentum, jumping off springs, the shmup-style portions, etc.) will do you well. Ultimately, this is not a crazy-difficult game, just… overtly random.

Did I mention that this game seems random to me? Perhaps “arbitrary” would be more accurate, but. Yeah.







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