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“Archon is a unique game. It is like chess, in the sense that it is played on a similar grid of a board, and strategy heavily lies on most advantageously using pieces with different abilities. However, there is one enormous difference: Rather than instantly taking an opposing space when you move your piece onto a square occupied by an opponent, you must fight to earn it.”
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Ah, Archon. Good times.

This is definitely one of those distinctive, truly one-of-a-kind NES titles that lends itself to a certain take-it-or-leave-it, love-it-or-hate it feeling among retro players. If you don’t like board game video games, then you probably won’t like Archon. But if you like them, then this might be just what you’re looking for. To summarize: It’s chess, but instead of automatically capturing a an occupied space when you move onto it, every coinciding of a point on the grid results in a real-time battle for the territory. For some, this can seem like an appealing blend of action and strategy.

For others, it can seem boring as poop.

NES Gameplay Tips For Archon: Be a jerk and stay on the spaces you are strong with. When the opponent goes to take the power spots, just wait until they shift to a shade of your favor before attacking. Also, once you get decent at the actual combat, considering the bold move of summoning the elemental on the first turn — and killing the opposing wizard. This is amazing, if you pull it off, and almost ensures victory. In the actual real-time combat, especially against the computer, bait the opposing piece into firing, just a pixel or two out of sight-line, bobbing and weaving. Then, the moment they misfire, move in for the strike. Bob and weave, like a boxing match. Remember: If you are quick enough, you are free to move in and hit the opponent while they reload. Just make sure you know the timing well or you will get fried.

Read The Full Review For: Essentially, an elaboration on the differences between Archon and Chess, along with the usual categorically arranged observations.



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  1. Man. I loved Archon when I was a kid. Sucked badly at it, but it was great. I seem to recall enjoying the wizard/witch a little too much, and I’d bring them out way too often and get my butt kicked… sigh. Good times.

  2. Also, your link to the full article doesn’t seem to be workin’.

  3. I hear ya, about using the wizard to fight — just a more-fun character. Thanks for the link heads-up, by the way. Fixed!

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