Fisher Price Firehouse Rescue

I mean, seriously? WALL OF TEXT. BORING.


Read the review.

“Well, there is no other game quite like this one. Do not mistake that as praise, as people should thank Jesus that there is no other game quite like Fisher-Price Firehouse Rescue.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

Seriously: They should have just used the engine for Firehouse Rescue and created a maze game. I can imagine it… dozens of challenging mazes, time limits perhaps, maybe a save or password feature, better music, slicker appearance — honestly, that would have been a much, much better game.

I have no mercy on children’s or “educational” games. If it sucks, it sucks. Period.

In fact, for this one, we have some bonus content, as I tried to make a video that tried to describe just how bad this awful game is:

Read The Full Review For: An unnecessarily detailed runthrough of all the game’s options, thoughts on the childish graphics and sound, and I reveal the “ending.”

NES Gameplay Tips For Fisher Price Firehouse Rescue: Set it on fire in triumphant irony.

Really though, some of the mazes get a little challenging.




4 Responses to “ Fisher Price Firehouse Rescue ”

  1. FYI, the link in your quote links to “Mario’s Time Machine.”

    Glad to find a fellow hater. Review the other two! Join me in masochistic glory. BWAHAHAHAAH!!!

  2. Thanks for the heads-up Dylan, link to be fixed just after I leave this comment! I wish more people let me know of weirdness like that… I get the feeling there are probably other bad-link quirks out there. Hm. But, yes, the masochism unfortunately seems to run high when reviewing the NES library, heh, and especially around the Fisher-Price selections…

  3. One question: is it worse than Ghostbusters?
    I’m on a personal quest to find something below it.

  4. Heh, actually, no, sorry — in my opinion, Firehouse Rescue is bad… but Ghostbusters is definitely worse. :/ I reviewed it a while ago:

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