Gremlins 2: The New Batch


Title screen with sweet music.

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“The control scheme is pitch-perfect: Gizmo can move in eight directions, the A button jumps, and the B button attacks.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

I could probably give this game four stars and not feel too bad about it.

Between this, Batman, and Blaster Master, you can see why so many retro gamers often cite Sunsoft as among their favorite NES developers, managing to hang in there with Capcom, Konami, and the like.

I wish more games used the overhead, slightly off-angle view like Gremlins 2 does. Maybe that is because StarTropics is my all-time favorite game, or just because it grants the feeling of the most freedom of movement while providing a faux-2.5-d perspective, but there is something about big sprites jumping around huge scrolling levels that I am fond of, even in sometimes-maligned titles like Jurassic Park.

As it stands, Gremlins 2: The New Batch is a fine license game, a good example of a Sunsoft product, and a worthy challenge for retro gamers out there.

Read The Full Review For: More thoughts on Sunsoft, a peek at how the shops and bosses work, and the low-down on the weapon upgrades.

NES Gameplay Tips for Gremlins 2: Now, okay, listen, Gremlins 2 is a game of traps. You will jump over some spikes, only to have a gremlin come charging at you on a skateboard, throwing crap at you. In the heat of that half-second, you may freeze and get hit, or maybe freak out and jump back onto the spikes. The key to surviving, and even thriving, in this game is to take it slowly, patiently, gingerly, and with a plan. Move ahead, then back up, see if you bait any enemies into your firing range. You may feel like you are going really slow, but the levels are not enormous, and you will be making steady progress. Be suspicious of every platform, corner, and corridor.


Three-way matchstick!


One of the creepy cutscenes.

Seriously, what?

What item would I like--Yes? What? Huh?!


Trivia shot -- character smoking in a video game on the NES!

Gremlin, indeed.

First boss, after level 2-2.



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  1. Oh man, this is one of my old favorites.

    Loved this game.

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  3. They really ought to make “Gremlins 2: The New Batch” on Wii game, Nintendo DS game, and Nintendo 3DS game. I think that they should make “GREMLINS 2 THE NEW BATCH: GIZMO VS. MOHAWK” on Nintendo DS game or 3DS game, and they should make “GREMLINS 2 THE NEW BATCH: The Building is Gremlinized” on Nintendo Wii game. Hope that they’ll make them soon.

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