Kid Icarus

IT'S KID ICARUS!!! @#$%!!

Now THAT'S a classic title screen!

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“All in all, this is a meaty, mythical, near-masterful stroke of Nintendo gamedom, worth four and a half stars out of five.”
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This is it! Review number 200! Two hundred reviews!!

Okay, honestly, I am not sure how significant of a milestone that really is; but, as human beings that rely on a base-ten counting system, we love big, round numbers, so 200 rolls off the tongue fairly well and sure sounds momentous. So, for the occasion, I chose a classic: Kid Icarus.

Also honestly: I am a bit intimidated to talk about it. Genuinely, I do not consider my full review to be that well-written. I know I have written better; and, especially considering the topic, I think I hardly do it justice.

Kid Icarus just had a certain singular appeal to it. I will say this about it, and I do not think this even applies to most NES games, but: You really just have to try it for yourself.

And the password is...

Some may recognize this inventory.

Seriously. I would love for you to read my review of it, just as I would all my others, but go try Kid Icarus on your own. It is a journey through a bright little land of dreams. There are many NES cartridges for which I have, and will again, gladly summarized my thoughts and would be content to let it be that, and trust you to go on your way well-informed.

But Kid Icarus? No way. It defies my humble description. Not even necessarily because it is so great, but it is so distinctively itself. From the monumental opening notes of the title screen to the final flight to Medusa, it is quite a tale. I even brought in a Second Opinion piece for this one, from a great guy and a 100% legit retro gamer, Mike Beck. Here is what he has to say on Kid Icarus for the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System:

This is one game I never paid much attention to. Apparently not many people did based on its lackluster success. I have recently gone back and replayed Kid Icarus and can honestly say I don’t know why it wasn’t more popular in the mainstream. It is a superior game. Perhaps it was the confusion with the name, because our lead character is Pit (yes, Pit who appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl) I had always just assumed his name was Icarus.

The game is basically a platform style adventure, mixing it up with vertical and horizontal scrolling levels. There are three “worlds” you fight through, the under world, the over-world, and then into the sky. I said basically platform because the final level of each world is an explore type level of non-scrolling rooms where you have to find the boss! Get pen and paper ready for mapping out these labyrinths. Then to top that off, the last part on your way to battle Medusa, you fly, as in a side-scrolling shooter. What more can you pack into one game?

How about power ups! That’s right, many of the frustrations with this game is that you begin so weak. However, with all the hearts you are collecting after defeating the monsters you are going to be able to purchase items. So don’t just blow through the level, try and kill as many enemies as you can. Don’t forget the various weapons upgrades and sometimes Zeus will even upgrade your strength!

I was going to try and do a pros vs cons review, but in the end it proved rather difficult to think of any cons, especially overall. Sometimes it’s annoying if you’re already holding up, you can’t jump. Also, one weird thing is, when you duck and move he just stays squatting down and slides. However, that just looks funny and doesn’t change anything. The difficulty is just hard enough to be pretty challenging, but isn’t too hard that you won’t try again. If you haven’t given Kid Icarus a shot, I recommend going back and playing it. Any NES gamer is going to like it. Have fun and watch out for that stupid Eggplant curse!!

Thanks for contributing your thoughts Mike, much appreciated. He and his wife have a YouTube channel that is chronicling their project to publish videos — Five Days A Week for 2012! As someone who, obviously, has a thing for ambitious lists, I think it’s cool and they have a variety of subjects they’re hitting. Best of luck to them in their endeavor!

Read The Full Review For: Whatever, man. Go play it yourself this time. 😀

NES Gameplay Tips for Kid Icarus: Remember the adage: “Patience is a virtue.” Kid Icarus may be tough at first, but the gameplay experience rewards those who stick with it.


Fight on, soldier. Fight on.

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  1. Wow, a NES game that I’ve actually played! I still find it a pretty tough game but it’s also great fun! 🙂 And that bloody music… 😐

  2. Congrats on #200! Now I just have to play through Kid Icarus without ripping my hair out…

  3. I vaguely remember a cousin of mine having this game but didn’t pay it much thought. I always acquainted it with Metroid because of the vertical platforming but until recently (this article, the 3DS release) I hadn’t thought about seeking it out for my collection. I really want to play this one now.

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