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“Slalom is, if the title was not revealing enough, based on downhill skiing. Or, perhaps to be more literally accurate, downmountain skiing.”
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This game holds the distinction of being Rare’s first console release. While, since being owned by Microsoft, we may never see another bit of magic from them again, it is weird to think that the same developer that produced such masterpieces as Jet Force Gemini and Perfect Dark on the Nintendo 64 got their start on this game. Huh.

Read The Full Review For: Use of the term “boop-boop.”

NES Gameplay Tips for Slalom: Honestly, little micro-movements are best. Try to blaze straight ahead as much as possible, just using little motions here and there to precisely align back on track.



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  1. Interesting note about RARE as they also developed the NES version of John Elway’s Quarterback.

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