Ikari III: The Rescue

Good times.

Title screen.

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“Gone are the goofy additions to the second game such as the hearts currency, the shops, reliance on invisible blocks, warp zone mini-games, etc.

Instead, we have SNK trying their best to create an enjoyable overhead beat-’em-up.”
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I see you.

Admit it: This is amazing pixel art. Opening cutscene. Or should I say: Cutseen?

I wonder if the folks who made Resident Evil 4 were familiar with Ikari III: The Rescue?

I will even explain the connection, for those who do not realize: Both involve rescuing the President’s daughter. Then again, I wonder how many other games involve that same idea?

Reporting for duty.

Punchin', man.

Ikari III is the result of watching what happens when you let your two immature kids drive the car, only to roll your eyes, sigh, take the keys back and say “Well, it is practically too old and busted to work anymore, but let me show you kids how to drive this thing.” I use a two-word phrase in the full review that, honestly, says it all for me: “Honest effort.”

The first is a super tough challenge, the second was a goofy action-movie sequel, and the third is an earnest attempt at reinvention.

Wait a second — That’s another RE4 parallel. Never mind, moving on.


Kickin' two guys into pieces, man. Body parts.

Although, really, I have little else to say on this one. It is my favorite of the trilogy, as far as their NES versions go. It truly feels like the last hurrah, even as far as the in-game characters go. You can call me silly for saying that, but really, our two guys seem to be going all-out on their final charge for The Rescue. This is the cartridge that is stuck in the dust and the grime of the discount bin, but does not belong beside the trash. This is decent. This is smoother, more transparent, like a preferred drink.

Read The Full Review For: An exploration of why it is very difficult to create a successful, effective top-down beat-’em-up game.

NES Gameplay Tips for Ikari III: The Rescue: Just three things for you this round: 1) Progress slowly. Sometimes this will trigger the movement of fewer enemies at a time to deal with; this may seem like a minor issue at times, but when they start moving through walls and outright cheating, you will understand the importance. Besides, any street fighter will tell you that, in a melee situation, maintaining one-on-one combat is essential. Better to take on a single guy a dozen times in a row than to even have to take on three at once. 2) You need to choose a fighting style and stick to it like a black-belt disciple: Either practice the spinning midair kick to be able to hit multiple enemies before hitting the ground, or master the range of a straight kick forward and abuse it. You have little other choice. Choose wisely. 3) Do not take this one too seriously, as you have many, many more lives and continues at your utter disposal than in the prior two Ikari titles.

Boss down.

I love the smell of victory.

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