Legends Of The Diamond


Lackluster title screen.

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“However, unfortunately, the bits of bad news far outweigh the good. There are two major problems with the Legends Of Diamond game.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

Legends Of The Diamond was one of those NES games that, growing up, I came across it and absolutely devoured it — struggled at first, played through a few games to learn the ropes, then thoroughly enjoyed plowing through the playoffs to eventual victory and triumph.

But then setting the cartridge aside, never to be seriously played again.

Because, really, this is not among your best NES baseball game options, especially for two-player matches.



For whatever reason, I really go into some devastating detail for the full review. Short version: This game has an awesome idea that kills itself with flaws both critical and minor.

Also: No Willie Mays?!

Actually, one more thing: I am fairly certain that this is the first review where I mention race. Just so you know.

Read The Full Review For: While my full reviews certainly have a potential each time to get wordy and sprawling, this one is especially technical and nuanced in its critique. Read it for the full beef on exactly, precisely why Legends Of The Diamond does not measure up to other NES baseball games.

NES Gameplay Tips for Legends Of The Diamond: As you practice through a couple games, focus on learning the outfielder positions, with your goal being to gain an intuitive sense of where they are at all times. This is absolutely essential.



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