Twin Cobra


"TWIN COBRA" flashes at a seizure-inducing rate.

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“Twin Cobra is not officially a sequel to Tiger-Heli, but it sure seems like it.”
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Some games have a very crisp presentation, with memorable music and eye-pleasing visuals, but lack gameplay variety or “flair.” Meanwhile, other games can be outright chaotic at how much action they have to offer, but emphasize less of a polish or concern for holistic quality.

Twin Cobra belongs to the latter category. If you strictly view it through the critical gaze of a reviewer, involving both the contextual analysis of the rest of the genre on the NES along with the console’s library as a whole, you would be forced to cite some faults with it. But for those just looking for a gun-blasting good times, this might scratch the itch. Granted, even then, I would argue that many superior choices are available, but really, opinions are going to vary on any selection, right?

Still, although I know many prefer Tiger-Heli (strange name, by the way, the more you think about it), I strain to understand why. Its simplicity? I suppose.

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NES Gameplay Tips for Twin Cobra: Do not pick up the green weapon orb. When it appears, wait for it to change color. Trust me: It may be tempting to be able to pump such an incredible amount of pure firepower straight ahead, and mow down everything in front of you, but the reduction in effective firing radius will severely hamper your ability to deal with incoming enemies, making it difficult even just to deal with only two flyers if they come at you from opposing angles.

Witness the action:

Abode sweet aircraft carrier.

Home sweet helipad.

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