Yo! Noid


YO! Title screen.

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“While some may detest it, a true retro player can discern that Yo! Noid represents a respectable platformer challenge…”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

Yo! Noid is a strange game. Let us examine the facts.

That exclamation mark in the title? Very strange, unique for the console, seemingly unnecessary, and ultimately a memorable characteristic.

This is a remarkably polarizing game for the NES. Many hate it, due to its “cheap”-feeling difficulty, strange mechanics for a platformer in parts, and the way it changes flavors throughout. For example, the Pizza Eating Contest is one aspect I actually really like — I dig it for the strategical/logical thinking involved. Some, like the Continue? crew over at the Normal Boots site, cannot even seem to figure out how it works. Granted, they may have been feigning ignorance for entertainment value, but still: It is truly, really not that complicated, people.

This is one of Andrew Gardikis‘s favorite games. I have no source I can point to on that, but he vouches for it frequently.

I cannot quite put my finger on it, to use a classic metaphor, but this game reminds me of Monster In My Pocket. Maybe it is the oversized sprites, maybe it is the “once you hop on, you cannot safely get off” vehicles in certain parts of the game, maybe it is the vaguely monotonous flow of the levels, but it definitely came to mind while playing for some reason.

The instruction booklet for Yo! Noid is fantastic. It names the vehicles, revealing that the helicopter contraption is an “ornithopter.” It has a promotional graphic for Disney’s Rescue Rangers NES game in the back (which, if I may say so, I believe is a step above this game, as I rated it accordingly with four stars; compare that with what I consider a step below this game with three, like my recent Shinobi review of three stars). The best part is probably the $1 off coupon for Domino’s Pizza in the back. Nice.

I remember renting this video game as a kid. In some ways, it is actually the perfect rental cartridge: It is not some kind of massive RPG, where you had to devote an entire weekend to playing just for a faint hope of even coming near beating it; it is not crappy, so you did not feel like you wasted a rental opportunity; and, as a platform that gave the player plenty of extra lives and continues, it was one you would likely eventually beat, even if it took a few tries.

Fun Fact: Yo! Noid, although with its presentation heavily changed (not only in the visuals of the characters and levels, but even the music was Americanized), is mechanically based on a Japanese game on the Famicom (the Japan version of the NES, for those who did not know) called Kamen no Ninja Hanamaru. In that version, the Masked Ninja Hanamaru uses a falcon, rather than a yo-yo. Very cool. Check it out:

Oh yeah.

BWHAAAAAAAA?! Sweetastic!

Read The Full Review For: An examination of the several modes of play experienced throughout the vast expanses of Yo! Noid, a few hints at the traditional Capcom ingredients included therein, and a satisfying explanation of the Pizza Eating Contest minigame.

NES Gameplay Tips for Yo! Noid: Proceed with patience and paranoia.

Now feast your eyes on some sweet 8-bit gameplay screenshots:

Take THAT, innocent bystander!

Yeah, suck it. First level.


Pizza Eating Contest! First one.


Skateboarding level! How 1990.


Capcom had a fetish for overworlds.




Gorgeous use of colors here.

Ornithopter time.

Helicopter level!


Getting there...

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  1. HEHEHE, the Noid is AWESOME!!

  2. First off, good luck on reviewing the full library of NES titles! That is a huge task you have set for yourself, and has to be respected.

    I hope you don’t mind, but I am definitely going to add a link to your blog on my site. I know my readers would love to following along on your journey!

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