Hollywood Squares


The title screen. Obviously?

“Of all the game show video games, Hollywood Squares is likely the worst…”
– from the full review, which you can read here

Which 8-bit video game genre is more pointless and less fun: Game show games or “educational” games?


President Ronald Reagan, everybody! Reagan!

GameTek, as a publisher, has the rare privilege of not only giving us many game show games, but providing us with such non-educational classics as Fisher-Price Perfect Fit as well. Actually, oddly enough, they also did a couple other random titles like American Gladiators and Harlem Globetrotters.



In the full review for Hollywood Squares, I do not even mention the “secret square” feature. Why? Because it does not matter. At all. Nobody cares. It is not important. It is not worth mentioning.

This is not "proper" punctuation.

From the Department of "Unnecessary" Quote Marks...

Read The Full Review For: An explanation of why, of all the game show conversions, making a video game of Hollywood Squares is an awful idea.


Literally the most intense part of the game.

NES Gameplay Tips For Hollywood Squares: You ever played Tic Tac Toe before? Uh, go for the center square? Block the opponent whenever they have two in a row? Yeah, do that.



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  1. This game was quite horrible. I wasn’t aware/paying enough attention to see that Gametek had made so many awful games. They’re up there with LJN on the “Painful” list!

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