R.B.I. Baseball 3


Title screen. Note the "edgy" 3.

“Thus, the one defining characteristic of R.B.I. Baseball 3 is the addition of the division winning squads from previous years to a certain extent; a treat for true baseball buffs, perhaps overwhelming to a casual gaming fan.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

Here it is, the inevitable conclusion to the R.B.I. Baseball series of NES games, after having covered the original and the second. While the second made some noteworthy changes from the first, such as overhauling the graphics to not only tweak the appearances but change the feel of the mood of the game entirely, the only true alteration for the third is the addition of division-winning teams to pick from. At least the second game added more dynamic fielding, deeper rosters, and instant replay (though that is a feature of questionable value); while 3 retains these items, it adds very little. One could get the sense that Tengen was just sucking the franchise dry at this point, squeezing every dollar out of it that they could, while expending minimal programming effort in the process.

Really, while the adding of so many rosters to pick from is kinda neat, I can only see it appealing to hardcore 1980’s baseball buffs. Otherwise, why not just play 2? Better yet, go for the original, which does not take itself as seriously and somehow feels like a purer form of fun.


A close play at third base!

Read The Full Review For: An actual review of the game.

NES Gameplay Tips for R.B.I. Baseball 3: Play a lot and learn the quirks, like when you can steal bases and what base-running tricks you can perform against humans and computer opponents alike. Know when to swing for the fences and when to bunt, managing well in general. Do not be afraid to substitute your ace pitcher when his stamina is noticeably faltering and ball control is falling. Learn the angles.


Here's the pitch...

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  1. RBI 3 is interesting in that it advertises “1990 Statistics” right on the front screen – essentially becoming the first sports series with a yearly release that had updated rosters. Throwing in the previous division winners was a nice touch even though the gameplay was pretty static.

  2. To piggyback a bit more:

    RBI Baseball – 1988
    RBI Baseball 2 – 1990
    RBI Baseball 3 – 1991 (also for Sega Genesis)
    RBI Baseball 4 – 1992 (Genesis)
    RBI Baseball ’93 – 1993 (Genesis)
    RBI Baseball ’94 – 1995 (Genesis)

    And we eventually get to Super RBI Baseball for the SNES by Time Warner Interactive. Released in 1995. Weird outlier to the series.

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