Title screen.

“RollerGames remains a game that sticks out among the NES library for its distinctiveness.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

Does anyone else see that title screen and immediately think of Base Wars?

Speaking of items I wonder if anyone else thinks of: RollerGames is not a title you will often find on people’s “favorite NES game ever” lists, yet neither will you on their “worst ever NES game” lists. RollerGames, within the context of the NES library, is like an obscure vintage wine, or James Worthy among all-time NBA players: While it undoubtedly has its fans, it never quite reached mainstream popularity, and a few reasons can quickly be seen for that, but nonetheless it can be recommended to those who appreciate the field.

RollerGames is fricking hard (again: I cannot be the only one who thinks this). You want cheap deaths? RollerGames has it. You want a time limit that puts the pressure on you to perform quickly without regard to your long-term health? RollerGames has it. You want blind jumps? RollerGames has it. You want instant deaths? RollerGames has it. You want a type of gameplay that emphasizes the need for memorization? RollerGames has it.

Honestly, though, a part of me loves this game. It has the usual Konami/Ultra flair, and would probably be a real treat for anyone looking for something a little different on the NES, or those drawn to a true old-school challenge. Best game ever? No way, and not even close. But I would say to try it and see what you think.


Street brawl on blades. Oh yeah.

NES Gameplay Tips For RollerGames: Feel free to avoid enemies. If you have to engage them in battle while moving, punch a split-second before you feel like you should. For boss battles, just avoid until you have the pattern down, then strike with lethal efficiency. Otherwise, this game just demands trial-and-error gameplay, and repeated sessions for memorization. Some tricks can be learned, though, like “safe routes” through otherwise dangerous-seeming areas. An early example is the section on the second part of the first level, where roadside greade-throwers can kill you both by their explosions and by the resulting holes in the road, not to mention bumping into them. However, if you stay right on that part where the sidewalk meets the street, you will dodge all grenades, holes, and enemies without a scratch as you safely roll on through. Granted, not every area has shortcuts like that, but hey, this is NES.

Read The Full Review For: A couple comparison notes to other Konami titles, a word about the absurdity of this game’s plot, and various other stuff I write.


Gorgeous skyline pixel art.

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