Kings of the Beach


Title screen.

“Volleyball, whether in digital form or in reality, is all about rhythm.”
– from the full review, which you can read here

Finally, a decent volleyball game!

But seriously, I reviewed Volleyball and Venice Beach Volleyball this month already, and found both to be (expectedly) underwhelming. Now, actually, I prefer Super Spike V’Ball above them all, but Kings of the Beach is a respectable game, and the ultimate option if you want four-player simultaneous action.

One strange thing, though: Check out the deformed abs/torso/whatever is going on in the ending screen.

Read The Full Review For: Descriptions of a trick move, the unique feature of arguing with the refs, commentary on Konami’s ho-hum machine-life efficiency at making great games around the 1990 time period, and other stuff using words in specified sequences.

NES Gameplay Tips for Kings of the Beach: Whenever you go for a spike, jump a quarter of a second later than you are comfortable with. Seriously.

Interesting, eh?

The signature play options screen.




Call me a dork, but I like stats.

Er, options. Whatever.

Lot of nice settings.


Red card for ref-arguing!

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  1. […] I played this game a lot. It remains one of my sentimental favorite NES video games. It is definitely my favorite beach volleyball title, winning over Kings of the Beach. […]

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