You cannot see the animation in this image, of course.

The title screen has fun animation.

“The method of controlling the athletes is odd. It feels randomized at times, and can be outright maddening to try and master.”
– from the full review.

What to say about Volleyball?

There are three other volleyball games on the NES, and all of them are superior to this one. This is the black sheep of the NES Volleyball Games family. Or perhaps the purple duck. Or the lame duck, the dead duck, the duck that does not move how you want it to.

The point is: This is a game that, like many of its early-era counterparts (but not all), has not aged well. I do not find it very fun. I struggle to try and imagine who would love this game — people passionate about indoor volleyball yet bizarrely forgiving of flawed 8-bit video games? I mean, this is not complete garbage in my opinion, but tough to defend as being much of any good.

One other thought: The ratio of Communist-to-not-Communist countries represented in this game is, uh, rather unusually skewed. Just a heads-up.

"Practice?!" -- Allen Iverson.


Fun Fact: If you think this is a launch title, you are wrong! It might be the one I most commonly mistake for one, but indeed, although it is one of those classic “black box” NES games, like Balloon Fight, it is not a release title, like 10 Yard Fight. Now that I consider it, wow, those early sports titles on the NES were obviously designed to attract common consumers but were fairly dreadful in execution.

Read The Full Review For: A fun fact about the title screen music, a pointing-out of a couple of the game’s biggest problems, and something about hippos and ball-humping and stuff. … Seriously.

NES Gameplay Tips For Volleyball: Jump early on those spikes. Go for the block every time. Find the weirdness. Be the ball.

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