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“This puzzle game has a critical flaw: The type of puzzle-game junkies that would truly enjoy Pyramid for its unique challenge are the same players who are smart enough to detect its underlying faults.”
– from the full review, which you can read here

Brought to you by the same folks that brought you Tagin’ Dragon!

A confession: I do not know everything, and sometimes make mistakes. The fact is that, in past blog posts and full reviews, I have made mistakes regarding Sachen’s relationship, as a developer, to publishers like Color Dreams and American Video Entertainment. If you notice mistakes on past writings regarding this, just know that I now realize my errors, although I believe it is an easy mistake to make, in terms of lumping in all those unlicensed entities together.


A good fit! This is cause for celebration!

The tragedy here is that Pyramid could have been a really cool game. With some tweaks to the soundtrack, a more robust scoring system, another play mode or two, and some intentional changes to the pieces, this honestly could have been a very solid puzzle game. The basic idea is superb: Tetris, but making the player deal with both angled faces and flat faces, thus adding a whole ‘nother layer of depth to the gameplay and strategy. Unfortunately, the execution is bumpy here, and Pyramid is doomed to a life spent as a curiosity and a relic.

Fun Fact: Sachen, the developer, is also known as Thin Chen Enterprises.

Read The Full Review For: Much more in-depth commentary on the game’s features and characteristics, though with a few jokey observations thrown in.

NES Gameplay Tips for Pyramid: There is an absolutely heinous piece that has a chunk missing out of it, and shaped like a diamond on all sides, thus always landing on an edge and never flat, unlike the other pieces. Therefore, always be sure to have a right-angle “divot” ready at any and all times for the arrival of this stupid piece. Conversely, for those enormous half-square isosceles triangles, keep in mind that they always stack up on top of each other well. Other than those two tips, good luck, because this game demands its own unique tactical mindset and brand of concentration.


About to clear two lines at once! YES!

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  1. I find this game really entertaining, but yes, it is flawed. It’s incredibly hard and frustrating when you get those ‘stupid’ pieces >_< It definitely could have been a real classic if they would have made a few tweaks here and there though..
    I don't mind the music, but it would have been nice to be able to change between a couple of different songs, like in Tetris ;D

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