Rollerblade Racer

Uh, yuck.

The bland title screen.

“At least it is not silent.”
– from the full review, which you can read here

For a video game that wants to be hip, radical, and bodacious, Rollerblade Racer is pretty bland.

But don’t be too hard on it: There is a challenge to be had here, and true old-school warriors may be able to derive some satisfaction from the trek to master this game. However, I suspect most, even gamers, would find it forgettable.

Oh yeah!

Jump! Jump!

Different genres and gaming companies definitely have certain styles at work, and this game has one of those “flat artwork” looks that I just can’t get into, as though all the elements were drawn in Microsoft Paint, without any real detail, shading, or gradient effects. When you play this, then play its sole rollerblading-NES-game counterpart RollerGames, you can really see a significant difference.

As for the gameplay style, if you want to play something similar, try Paperboy 2.

Rollerblade Racer is best played by retro gamers looking for a strange curiosity, or maybe an obscure arcade-style challenge they have never encountered before. This is a middle-of-the-road bargain-bin game, where it is certainly playable and has a point, but is not polished or of notable quality. Have fun with it.

Fun Fact: The box art for this game may be the most early-1990’s thing you have ever seen in your life.

Read The Full Review For: The secrets to the ultra-mega-super-duper Helicopter Jump technique.

NES Gameplay Tips for Rollerblade Racer: Personally, I think it is too risky to go for big tricks, yet not worthwhile to try and simply blaze through the tracks as fast as possible. Feel free to disagree, but I try to strike a happy medium: I am constantly performing small jumps at a slow or moderate speeds, giving me ample time to react to oncoming obstacles while still consistently racking up points for tricks.

Hittin', I said. Hittin'.

Hittin' the beach.

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  1. I hate the “flat artwork” style. It reeks of laziness. The NES can do so much better!

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