The Last Starfighter

Yeah, right?


“By shackling the ship to a half-screen space of reaction, the player is going to experience frequent deaths due to simply being unable to dodge incoming craft in time, because of their rapid velocities despite the small window of opportunity to dodge.”
– excerpt from the full review.

Remind me, someday, to write my Top 100 List of Things More Fun Than Fisher-Price Perfect Fit.

The short-sighted design choice of only half a screen to react to oncoming threats, the endlessly looping background music, the harder-than-Silver-Surfer difficulty, the scandalous sham of redressing a prior release, the bizarrely uninspired choice of movie license, and the just-plain-not-fun nature of this game all lead to it being my choice for the first annual Review A Bad Game Day.

Read The Full Review For: The long-form coverage of this awful video game’s flaws and failures.

3 Responses to “ The Last Starfighter ”

  1. This game is as craptacular as they come. I could not believe it was ever released. And that it was a port of a C64 game!

  2. Haha, I agree Dylan — nice to see you around. Did you ever see Pat The NES Punk’s video review of this putrid “game”? One of his early works, but good stuff.

  3. There were some stinking film to game conversions weren’t there? In fact, thinking about it, not much has changed!

    This version of The Last Starfighter game looks a little better, thankfully;

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