Super Spike V’Ball

“What follows is occasionally violent interplay, much like the throws seen in Super Dodge Ball, though without permanent deaths.”
– excerpt from the full review, which can be read here

I played this game a lot. It remains one of my sentimental favorite NES video games. It is definitely my favorite beach volleyball title, winning over Kings of the Beach.

In fact, I have such strong, fond memories of lengthy sessions with Super Spike that I wrote an extended longform retrospective of the game. Check it out — Retro gaming reflections: Super Spike V’Ball (NES).

In terms of 8-bit developers, I think I have a serious fetish for Technos. I utterly adore their cartridges. I am saving a couple of their games for among my last reviews I will do on this site, because I love them so much and believe them to be utter masterpieces. I guess I just did their style. Capcom and Konami, for instance, often did high-quality work, very top-shelf, but sometimes it just felt like Technos had more personality, like they injected an extra bit of goofy humor into their games, or absurd over-the-top ridiculousness that pushed the game up a notch. Am I the only Technos fanboy? I doubt it; but even if I was, it would be a torch gladly carried. Could you tell from my glowing review of Crash ‘n’ the Boys Street Challenge before?

Super Spike V’Ball belongs on one of those “NES games that were very good, but slightly obscure, but you never really seem to see them on any Top 10 or even Top 25 lists, but people familiar with them seem to be in consensus about their high quality” lists. Y’know what I mean?

Lee brothers: In it to win it.

Double Dragon cameo!

Read The Full Review For: A detailed analysis of the game’s functionality, a quality judgment of said functionality, and several additional screenshots. Serious, I have a whole slideshow there of 13 in-game screenshots.

NES Gameplay Tips For Super Spike V’Ball: Be either Al & John (power spikers) or Billy & Jimmy (strong defense). They are definitely the best two teams. When you jump for a spike, jump a little early, and pound that B button as much as you can before just barely hitting the hit off at the last second. When jumping for a block, also jump early, in order to juice up your flashing hands of power as much as possible. As long as your horizontal position on the court is good, your jump height will not matter for the block, as long as you are high enough to make contact. If playing co-op, you should agree with your teammate which of you will always go for blocks and which of you will always go for digs.



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