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Title screeny!

We're tiny, we're toony...

“All in all, Tiny Toon Adventures ends up as a capable platformer, combining the cerebral strategem of character selection against the serviceable backdrop of Konami’s usual developmental pinaches. There are points of weakness, however; namely, the tendency toward cheap deaths.”
– from the full review, which you can read here

Okay, so, once upon a time, the NES had a fricking lot of platformers. The genre flourished on the console, and greatly evolved. Late-cycle platformers are obviously better than the much-older iterations, and skillful developers such as Capcom and Sunsoft created some amazing examples for the category.

But, eventually, familiarity bred contempt, as some projects failed to innovate, but even rather than just mindlessly churn out a generic baseline product, instead relied on the visionary advances of others, leaning on their bright ideas and shamelessly stealing.

Enter Tiny Toon Adventures, a very decent game, but at moments a player experienced with the NES will cringe from its blatant copying of titles like Super Mario Bros 3. It is not just once or twice, it is not usually very subtle, and it does tinge the overall effect of this cartridge. Overall, it is still fun, still well-made and all, but suffers from this unfortunate, brazen cloning.

That, and the aggravating cheap deaths.

One of the more prominent, and perhaps humorous, examples of this game seeming to steal from others is the appearance of an enemy that seems vaguely familiar to a certain hedgehog hero. Video clip:




Read The Full Review For: Solid writing, if I may say so; specific examples of how this game steals from Super Mario Bros 3, among other games; and the victor between visuals and sound.

NES Gameplay Tips for Tiny Toon Adventures: Always pick Furrball, because being able to completely ascend walls is a massive shortcut on some levels, especially the vertically scrolling portions. Otherwise, practice is simply necessary, since many cheap deaths will result from unpredictable enemies that demand rote memorization in encounters to survive.


Stage Clear screen. ... Obviously.

Buster jumpin'.

This quicksand mechanic seems familiar.

Small world, eh?

Awwwwwwww yeah, character selection.

Underwater tornado attack!

This enemy is basically a Hammer Brother.

Boss battle.

Well hello there, Donkey Kong. Girders, even! Shameless!

Grab the bouncing key. You know, like in SMB3.

The Star Wars scene.

Game is also a bit Rescue Rangers-esque.


Ending 1 and WHAT IS HE DOING TO HIM?!

Ending screen 2.

Ending 3.

Ending 4.

And the final screen of the game.

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