Title screen. Duh.

“As this was among the earliest shooters on the NES, and Micronics was not exactly known for the quality of its cartridges (see: Athena), the result was less than ideal.”
– from the full review.

I would rather play Twin Cobra.

I mean, I would also rather play Yo! Noid or Bomberman II, but my point is that even when we specifically speak in terms of NES shoot-’em-ups with a military theme, you have a few superior options, like even this game’s far-better sequel.

I know it has its fans, and it has that charming mystique of being an arcade port, and maybe the slowness can be bent in some persuasive fashion as being an enviable position for a shmup, but no: 1942 is not my cup of tea, not even in the shoot-’em-up realm.

There are even NES games that I wish had some background music, but it would have been nice here.

Read The Full Review For: Graceful use of the word “impotent,” a word about the developer who helped port this game for Capcom, and an oh-so-important rundown of controls.

NES Gameplay Tips For 1942: Shoot enemies and avoid getting hit by them. Fire a little ahead of time to “lead” targets, including taking advantage of the fact that projectiles are actually so slow you can get a few shots off that may hit enemies just coming into screen view.

Screenshot frenzy ahoy:


Endless blue sea. Not bad-lookin' sea water, though, for NES pixel graphics.


LAND SPOTTED! 'TIS AN ISLAND! Also: Pause screen.


Level completed! Yay! Huzzah! Hurray!


Admittedly, the coolest part: The "sidecar" power-up.

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  1. Jacob Knepfle , on January 6th, 2017 at 6:59 pm Said:

    Looks fun

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