1943: The Battle of Midway


What a gloriously minimalist title screen.

“This game offers a true test, even for shoot-’em fans. The design is tight, the waves approach with just the right mix of anxious panic without seeming completely impossible, and the entirety feels appropriately tense, even desperate, maybe adrenaline-pumping.”
– excerpt from the full review, which can be read here

If I had to recommend one shoot-’em-up video game for NES or generally retro fans otherwise unfamiliar with the genre, with the goal of providing them with a solid example of the category, this might be my pick. It may not be the greatest shmup on the console, and I believe it has a couple ugly wrinkles, but in terms of sheer gameplay purity, this thing definitely plays like a rip-roaring, knuckle-whitening blast.

Also file under “true old school challenges.”  Some shooters are an arduous test of longevity, others are brief bursts of impossibility, but jeepers, 1943 combines the two ideas into a sublime meld of difficult diligence demanded. Alliteration bonus points ahoy.

I like 1943.

That is, perhaps, ultimately insignificant, but when it comes to 8-bit games that truly helped build my eventual appreciation for shoot-’em-ups, a genre I once near-totally hated, it is meaningful to me for that contribution.

Is it weird that Capcom profited so much from simulating World War II for gamers worldwide? An interesting thought.

Read The Full Review For: A few honest criticisms of an otherwise great game, and use of odd turns of phrase such as “the flow is quite smooth, quite pleasurably so.”

NES Gameplay Tips For 1943: The Battle of Midway: Wow, I am not sure where to begin here, between the complexity of the game’s tactical components and my own hesitation in pretending like I am any good at this one. Personally, I guess, I never get that wonky multi-shot power-up that needs a couple boosts before it becomes truly useful. I just stick with constantly collecting the “Pow” item until my regular firepower is tearing up cruisers in seconds flat. I also always max out my attack power before anything else, but I am not sure if that is truly the mathematically or strategically best choice, only that I like to hasten the demise of my enemies as much as possible. Philosophy to live by, y’know. I should probably stop talking about tips at this point. Good luck? Good luck.



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