Wacky Races

No, really.

Title screen.

“Nonetheless, playability is playability, and this is definitely a very playable game.”
– from the full review, which you can read here

Hey, remember that time I lamented the fact that once Nintendo made Super Mario Bros 3 but the NES still had a few years of popularity left in its supported life cycle, third-party developers began somewhat blatantly ripping off elements of that game into theirs, such as examples found in Tiny Toon Adventures?

Yeah, that.

Like I said then: For what it’s worth, this game is still pretty dang decent. If you’re going to imitate something, aiming for the top shelf isn’t the worst copycat tactic to have.

I bring this up in the full review, but I think it’s worth mentioning here: Wacky Races is one of those solid NES platformers that, for whatever reason, has never garnered much attention. Even within the cultural sentiment of the retro gaming scenes, where it is chic to retroactively admire titles like Crystalis or Yo! Noid or Guardian Legend where they once went unheralded, Wacky Races has never received such renewed attention.

So, to you NES fans out there, and anyone with the craving for a decent little platformer challenge to try out: Seriously, give Wacky Races a shot. It is no masterpiece, but you could do a lot worse, especially for license games. Well hello there, Rambo.

Read The Full Review For: Over a dozen more screenshots than you will see here. Also: More exposition as to the quality of the game, of course.

NES Gameplay Tips for Wacky Races: The platforming here is pretty juicy, so if you like side-scrollers you’ll likely enjoy this, but if that was never your thing then this won’t be your thing ever. Take your time and advance patiently and cautiously, because stuff likes to suddenly fly at you. Also, I found that once I got the bomb I could throw, the only other power-up I ever used was refill hearts. Seriously, the bomb’s the bomb. I can’t believe I just wrote that.

Say, shall we look at some of the more egregious examples of Super Mario Bros 3-copying going on in Wacky Races?

Most of these take place in the desert level alone.

Quicksand mechanic.

Pyramid platforms design.

Okay, SERIOUSLY?! Do I need a side-by-side comparison? Pipes, flame enemies, desert.

Boss fight using slightly-under tactic, ala "lava" in World 8 under the ships.

Perhaps more minor, but platform design here.

OH COME ON! That is Monty Mole!

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  1. Hellsing920 once did a review of this game, and all he did was just bitch and moan without even knowing what the fuck he’s talking about.

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