Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle

“The core concept is reminiscent of old-school arcade cabinets of the “get all items and proceed to next stage” format started by Pac-Man, but appropriately refined for the 8-bit era.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

Yep, I like Crazy Castle more than Birthday Blowout.

This may strike some long-time followers as strange, seeing as how I have specifically said I tend not to enjoy the “run around on the screen collecting all the arbitrary items in order to advance” sort of games.

But I truly, genuinely, actually believe that Crazy Castle had some good design decisions put into it. I am not saying that it is an awesome mind-blowing cartridge game by any means, but I appreciate some of its touches, like the fact that it actually uses a password system, and that it only consists of four characters (unlike the monstrosities in, say, Hydlide).

I also like how this game is not an arcade port, yet when Kemco was charged with putting out a Bugs Bunny game, they went with this format. Not only does that strike me as bold, but I imagine it gave them built-in motivation to make sure they tightened this game a bit to make sure they did it as right as they could. To me, Birthday Blowout seems lazy by comparison. Perhaps that is just my opinion.

Note the subtle shadowing effect to denote with doorways move upward.

The sheer number of levels is great, but there are even sets of glitch levels and secret stages. That is fantastic, and not always seen in these sorts of games. Again, maybe I am the only one who cares about that stuff, but it’s totally there for me to care about.

Furthermore, the doorways system could have been utterly confusing and frustrating, but was made to feel very intuitive. That is appreciated.

As the Angry Video Game Nerd pointed out in his classic review, this game has several sequels across Nintendo’s portable systems, so it must have some fans out there. I guess I might be one of them, to a minor extent, though I think the NES original is the best iteration and the others lost the vision for the franchise.

NES Gameplay Tips For Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle: You do not have a time limit, so feel free to be patient in waiting to ambush enemies or needing to time a movement just right to avoid them. One key thing to also remember is that you can fall down, but you cannot fall up; in other words, generally speaking, your safety is in direct correlation with your altitude. You can often just fall of a ledge to escape danger, but you can never jump upward. Otherwise, just enjoy the level-by-level challenge and the vintage charm of handwriting passwords for an authentic NES experience. Retro gaming FTW and all that.

Read The Full Review For: More words about this game, along with several specific comparisons to other NES titles.

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